Weekend behavior 

This weekend I just took the time to rest…. Saturday I didn’t do a thing but catch up on well needed sleep as I have been waking up super early for no reason but with a little pain. Mornings are often tough being that I tend to sleep in one position. Hopefully soon this pain will be a thing of the past for me.

Sunday I was determined to get some fresh air, I guess picking up some groceries was the highlight of my weekend.

I was awake long enough to do my nails. I wanted something colorful & water marble so I  went with the brand that doesn’t fight me on it!! I’m just glad I still got the juice for doing water marble designs!!

BETTINA (<— click link to check out their products). Colors used are: Pink (sweetheart), Green (Green apple), Yellow, Blue (Aqua), Purple (Believe), Orange (Epic).

YES!! I took it back with this Milani (yellow mark) textured polish!! The textured polish on my pinky is from the OPI Liquid Sand collection, it’s named My Current Crush.

To go along with my colorful disposition, I put on a pair of turquoise Reeboks that I’ve had for years. These are the 25th Anniversary Freestyle “54-11” Reeboks. Don’t they look brand new, they’re almost 10 years old!!

How was your weekend? Do anything fun?

Thanks for reading!!

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