Starving for a Neverfull?

Lol my post title is made with much pun… If you know the cost of this bag, you know why!!
I don’t know what came over me a few Saturdays ago…. I couldn’t sleep any longer so I had a bright idea to reorganize all my handbags (among other things in there). I’ve been rocking my cognac colored MCM Liz Reversible Shopper for months now and it always dawned on me how similar it is to the Louis Vuitton’s Neverfull MM handbag. I took the time to do my research and weigh the pros and cons of the Liz shopper to the neverfull. 

Here’s what I’ve found….
MCM LIZ REVERSIBLE SHOPPER in medium (my bag) 

Pros & Cons Details:

  • Cost of medium-$590
  • Cost of large-$665
  • Colors are: Cognac, Black, Ruby Red, denim blue and pink.
  • Measurements: 15″W X 10″H X 6 1/2D
  • 8″ Strap Drop
  • Pouch/Clutch measures 11 1/2″W X 8″H X 1  1/2″D
  • Medium is $670 less than LV Neverfull
  • Sizes available are medium & large.
  • Pouch/Clutch can be worn as a shoulder bag.
  • Dual top handles
  • Pouch clutch is roomy enough to store your wallet and cellphone with space for more items. 
  • Has a drawstring on both sides of bag
  • Style is made for reversible wear
  • Has an inside clasp to semi close the top of bag
  • Gold hardware 
  • Comes with dust bag
  • Can be used as a baby bag
  • On sale on mcm site now!
  • Doesn’t have metal feet
  • Resell value isn’t as high in demand as the LV Neverfull 
  • No inside pocket or keychain holder
  • If you wear any clothes with a strong dye color, it can transfer & stain the cognac colored style.

Now let’s talk about this Neverfull chic lol…

Pros and Cons Details:

  • Cost $1,260
  • Models available are: Monogram Canvas, Damier Ebene Canvas, Damier Azur & Epi Leather
  • Choice of inside lining color selections
  • Measurements are: 12.6L X 11.4H X 6.7W
  • Sizes available are: PM, MM & GM
  • Pouch can be worn as a wristlet
  • Has a inside pocket
  • Has a drawstrings on both sides of bag
  • Has an inside keychain holder
  • Can be used as a baby bag
  • Holds a high resell value 
  • Can be purchased pre-loved & authentic for a good price
  • Gold hardware 
  • Easy to clean
  • Doesn’t go on sale
  • Pouch is smaller than MCM clutch
  • Doesn’t have metal feet
  • Pouch cannot be worn on a shoulder
  • Handbag isn’t reversible 
  • May I repeat that IT’S $1,260 lol!!!!

Some people say “it’s just shoes” or “it’s just a purse, but consider it an investment! Don’t get me wrong, me and Lou we are cool! I’m not saying I’ll roll up in his store and make it rain  (I do own 3 of his bags bought pre-loved)…. but I’m saying tho, anybody know where the clearance rack is LOL!

So tell me, which one do you prefer to tote and why? Which LV’s do you own? Which MCM style purse do you own/like? 

Most importantly, tell me if you think the Neverfull is worth the price or is it how your pockets are left?

PS- I pretty content with my MCM Shopper but if you’re in the market for a pre-loved LV bag, check out these sites…..I have a pre-loved Speedy 35 for a great price on the way to me  ✌🏾️

The Real, Fashionphile and Tradesy…… don’t starve for a Neverfull!!

Thanks for reading!!

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