Did She Write That?

Were your parents anything like mine, the ones that was afraid to write their name on anything in case it’s found by the wrong person? Y’all I grew up in the West Indian culture and sometimes we can be so superstitious lol. I can remember going to the .99 store or a stationary store begging my mom to buy me a journal. As a young girl going through the ups and down of friendships, puppy love, popularity and etc you know how essential journals were (& still are). 

My parents used to say “don’t write anything that’ll incriminate you” or “don’t write something that’ll make people mad at you if they read it”. Hmm, my reply would always be “if they don’t want their feelings hurt they won’t read my stuff”!! 

My journal was my sister, best friend, confidant and my safe haven. I was not once scared to write my true feelings & it gave me such a relief after I wrote in it. I can tell you this, journals kept me out of a lot of arguments lol.

Here’s the ones I have now….

These are the only two planners I have. I got the first one from Target dollar section ($3 for binder, $3 for refill sheets). The other is from Big Lots $1.

Can you tell I love polka dots!!

How many of you are journalistas lol?

Thanks for reading 

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