How to deal with blogger online negativity 

When you read the title of this post I can bet that your remark will be “well it comes with the territory”, and you’re right. My intentions aren’t to deter you from that notion, it’s really my objective to give you an alternative way of dealing with it. Let’s face it since the Internet took the web by storm, a person’s true identity for some became a force of anonymity to be reckoned with! Online you can be who you are/who you want to be and who you don’t want to be exposed as…… We are living in a world where the internet and trolling are liable to skip hand in hand joyfully.

Don’t get me wrong, in no way am I saying that people don’t have the right to do it. I’m saying that as a blogger or someone who wants to showcase themselves as a brand online, you’re going to have to deal with opinions that’ll potentially support, oppose, harass & offend (among other things) your brand.

While I’m not usually bombarded with negativity online, I did recently experience quite a bit of negative comments on my YouTube channel. I don’t get negative comments on my blog like that but still, it happens.

Things to keep you up when negativity online tries to bring you down:

  • Keep in mind that you chose be in the limelight for social media. Take responsibility of your surroundings. As the saying goes “if you can’t take the heat”… You have choices……
  • Pick your battles wisely! By that I am speaking in terms of response. Think about it this way, would you argue with a dead person? No! The majority of the time the person commenting is under a fake profile, they’re page is private or they don’t have videos of themselves so why go toe to toe with a faceless troll? 
  • Armor yourself with the fact that it’s not about THEM it’s about YOU–keep it that way. It’s about you because it’s YOUR video/page, your belongings you’re talking about and it’s YOUR WAY OR NO WAY!
  • Use your filter options TO THE MAX!! Moderate your comments, BLOCK them like it’s nobody’s business!! If the comment doesn’t help you grow then it’s trying to stop you from growing!! Keep in mind that trolls don’t die just because one gets blocked, they multiply!! Keep blocking!!
  • Whatever you do, don’t take it personal.. Maybe they don’t mean to be mean, maybe they’re having a bad day or their life is in the shits for the moment and they’re looking for a target. Don’t buy tickets to someone else’s bad day!!
  • Remember you’re the one BRAVE enough to get on camera & upload it for the world to see! They’re only brave behind a fake account– you got the juice!!
  • Lastly, don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself. Take the bitter with something sweet, hey it worked for the Golden Girls lol

At the end of the day getting trolled is not the end of the world. They win when you stop posting, they win when their negativity changes you to act just like they do. Opinions are like a-holes, funny how a-holes are always talking i$h lol!!!

What are some ways you conquer dealing with negativity online? 

Have a great week and thanks for reading💋

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