Wish List Wednesday 

Hey y’all, welcome back to Wish List Wednesday where all your wishes are welcome, I hope they come true one day.

But back to reality, here’s what’s on my wish list this week….

A trip to Abu Dhabi, it looks so beautiful.

A 7 series BMW in black, it has always been my favorite car. I have a 2015 Altima and the body style resembles this style that’s why I like it so much. Some of the features in my car are the same features that BMW have.

Christian Louboutin new nail polish collection, I love how it’s so colorful.

Nike Air Max 1 X Atmos collab. These are actually an attainable item. This sneaker released yearsssss ago and I missed it then! I’m kinda determined not to miss the release this month but I won’t be too bummed if I don’t get them. 

A blank check from someone rich…. with this blank check I’ll do the right thing…..whatever that is lol…

What’s on your wish list?


4 thoughts on “Wish List Wednesday 

  1. I personally would be happy to have health on my wish list. I am recovering from two major surgeries and I have the hope to one day live without chronic pain.

    But I do hope you get your trip and your BMW. 😉

    1. You’re absolutely right, I underwent surgery 7 months ago so I’m happy to have done it because before then I was in pain everyday as well. I show empathy to anyone living with chronic pain trust me.

  2. I hope at least one of the items on your wishlist comes true. I’ve been to Abu Dhabi and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I hope you get to visit the Middle East. Lets hold thumbs for that last item on your wishlist so that you can do all of the above with it! 😀

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