The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen in Orlando Florida

Y’all, don’t ask me why don’t I just move to Orlando… I KNOW I’m always there those are the facts lol!!

Honestly, it’s just like my feelings toward NYC, it will always have a special place in my heart. There isn’t a state in the world that I’ll live visiting more than I love visiting NY. Hence, is why I love going to Orlando (which is an hour south away from where I live). I just love the vibe I feel when I’m in Orlando–things to do, people busy doing something. However, traffic and I have a hate-hate relationship and where I live now has a little traffic but not enough for me to hate driving out here.

So yesterday the Mr. and I (it was my idea FYI lol) decided to venture into City Walk to eat at the Toothsome restaurant. It was everything I saw on the website and I just knew that our first visit would be the prelude to many more trips. I do want to make you aware that it is best to visit this Attraction Park for this restaurant AFTER 6pm in case you don’t want to pay $20 for parking!! The parking attendant let me know that since we told her we were just going to that restaurant.

The architecture of the building is a Steampunk theme and the employees are dressed in their Steampunk finest attire.

The prices are on the pricey side, but considering where it’s located; it’s to be expected. On the lower level when you walk in, you will see the finest candies and chocolates, macaroons and desserts and souvenirs area. On the other side of the first floor is the eating area equipped with booths and tables. You can retreat to the upstairs area by stairs or elevator.

Eating area upstairs is where we ate

The menu

I have to say that I wasn’t that impressed with the entree’s on the menu, I felt like the dessert choices were more enticing. The choices were pretty common.

I decided on having the Southern Fried Chicken BLT (it was too crispy for my liking but not terrible).

My honey is a Mac N Cheese man so he got the Shrimp and Lump Crab Mac n Cheese! I was instantly jealous that I made the wrong choice– but trust that he shared!!

Unfortunately, as much as I wanted to devour one of their milkshakes or cakes, neither of us had room for it. I am dedicating myself to going back there empty stomached so I can treat myself to dessert!!

Even though I wasn’t wow’d by the entree options I am looking forward to going back for dessert so stay tuned for that post and thanks for reading!! Cheers!!

Here’s my makeup look that I wore


Influenster Oasis Voxbox 

*sample, items were sent in exchange for my honest review*.

I swear I feel like I’ve made it y’all when Influenster sends me a email saying I’m in the next campaign lol! I get so excited to see what’s coming my way, I haven’t gotten one so far that I didn’t like. I love when I get full size products too y’all like yaaaaas I have arrived!!

So this Voxbox was filled with snacks & smell goods this time. Look what I got…

I’ve been sent the Vera Wang perfume samples before in another Voxbox and I enjoyed them. The scents are strong but feminine and they lasts good while. At work my coworkers said they knew I had left the bathroom because of my perfume (glad it wasn’t cause of a bad smell right lol).

When filling out the criteria list for this Voxbox I was crossing my fingers when choosing the foundation shade, in hopes I done good. The shade I chose is Tawny. This foundation is currently in drugstores so shout out to me for my price of FREE.99!!

Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir foundation

I’m still a little iffy about the shade, I’m going to do my best to make it work, however I think it’s not my shade. Stay tuned for a FOTD post.
The Welch’s fruit rolls and Aloha peanut butter bar I’ve had before and they’re a nice little snack you can enjoy at work (I did anyway).

The Eva•NYC Mane Magic smells sooooooo good and left my hair very moisturized. I received their products before and I enjoyed using their shampoo & conditioner.

So enough of me rambling about my Voxbox let me help you get with the program. If you’re not already a member of Influenster, you can join here. It’s best that you fill the profile out to the categories that most fit the products you’d like to receive. You should connect all your social media accounts so that you can complete the badges that will help you score more Voxboxes, thank me later!!

Thanks again Influenster 💋

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Fried Oreos

If you follow my IG account (@Nailmattic) you’ll learn quickly that I’m a foodie among other things; I like to cook & bake. 

Yesterday I tried my hand at making fried Oreos. I’ll put a disclaimer out there from jump that these goodies are NOT a part of a well balanced meal lol!!

Everyone in my house and my coworkers deem these a hit!! I used the vanilla and chocolate Oreo cookies. It’s the simple process of mixing up pancake batter, smother the cookie in it and dip it into the boiling hot pot or panning greasy–easy peasy!!

They’re so many “deep fried” recipes out there, maybe I’ll try another fun and easy recipe sooner than later. Tell me if you’ve tried any of the deep fried recipes.

Thanks for reading!!  

Day 5 Of Beauty Challenge 

Hey people, here we are day 5….. Now, while I cannot narrow down who my favorite beauty blogger/YouTuber is, I’ll just tell you who is ONE OF my favorites….

Meet Cheryl Christine… She’s so down to earth, keeps it 1-hunnit and makes you feel like she’s your long lost sister….

Cheryl Christine YouTube


Tell me your YouTube favorite(s).
Stay tuned for day 6 and thanks for reading….


Weekend misbehavior 

For the weekend we tried out a new Sushi Bistro restaurant…. The food was and the company was great….

I don’t eat sushi (the mr. does)….

Spring roll appetizer    

House salad for me

 Chicken with broccoli (one of my boos)…   

Sushi for him…. Lol funny shot

Then Sunday we hit up Cracker Barrel for some breakfast 
Steak Omelette bowl

Until next time….

OOTD & Date Night

What’s up y’all, Guess who’s up early with post on a SUNDAY!! Yeah, me! So yesterday the mister and I got off to a late in the day start getting out of the house but we made it worth the wait. We purposely did some shopping on a empty stomach so that we could really enjoy our dinner lol. We ended up at Red Lobster, which we hadn’t gone there in a long time. 

Here’s what I wore, clothes details will be below   


Seafood Shrimp Trio


Chambray Denim Shirt: Forever 21+

Knee slit jeans: Forever 21+

Leopard print flats: JCPenney

Leather chain Clutch: Tory Burch

Leopard scarf: Old Navy

Watch: Marc Jacobs (rose gold)

Earrings: Charlotte Russe

Lipstick: NYX Liquid Suede “Sandstorm”
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Been MIA but I’m back in action *Pic Heavy*

Hey beauties I apologize for my absence but I took a little 5 day get away to NYC last week. It was definitely a short trip but I got to see all the people I was able to see and do most of what I wanted to…. I’ll be back with new posts shortly so stay tuned! In the mean time check out some of the pics from NYC (it’ll always be home to me)…..

On the plane (Jet Blue) watching VH1 Classics videos 
Cab ride to East Harlem where I stayed  


My bestie Evelyn made me Shrimp Pastillos #puertoricancuisine  

Grilled turkey sandwich from Au Bon Pain @ Laguardia


Sole Sister Revolution at The Brooklyn Museum  
Some goodies from the bodega



Lastly some goodies from Forever 21   

Just some pic porn lol