My Little Watermarble 

Watermarble is my favorite sport!! 

For this mani I used 3 polishes from the latest collaboration release from China Glaze. This collection features 12 polishes all dedicated to my childhood oops I meant My Little Pony. Yes I’m proud to say my childhood, I had all the My Little Pony toys my mom allowed herself to be coerced into buying lol. Sorry mom, I didn’t keep my promise of never wanting any other toy after that lol.

The colors I used below: L to R: Too Busy Being Awesome, Cute Mark The Spot, Sweet As Pinkie Pie.

These wm so beautifully I had absolutely no problems 

If you haven’t purchased any of these polishes, you’re missing out a good mani and some good memories.

There’s also 2 LE sets that you can purchase on eBay, Sally’s and Ulta Beauty.

Have you purchased any polish from this collection? Which one(s)?

Thanks for reading 


I’d Melt For You

Hey people how are you all on this fine Veteran’s Day?

Shout out to all the Vets that put in that work to fight for our rights!!

On my nails today I have thee perfect metallic silver polish!! I am wearing a model from China Glaze’s newest collection Twinkle collection. This is two coats of “I’d melt for you”.





Capacity to be mad about Mod

Hi, how do? How is your Saturday going? Since it’s tax free weekend, the Mr., the kids and I headed out to catch the school clothes/supplies deals (of course Walmart had the best). Luckily for me, my son wears uniform that can be bought at Walmart or Target and also that his school supply list only required 8 things.

So today on my nails I am wearing 2 new polishes again. The base color I am wearing is from the Giver limited edition by China Glaze. I’m not even going to lie to you all, I have no interest in the movie; I just wanted this color :). This color is a vibrant turquoise color named “Capacity to See Beyond”. At first the formula was very thick and difficult to apply without streaks, but I put polish thinner in it and let it sit for a day and it was much easier to work with today.

The Salon Perfect polish is called “Mad About Mod” and I just love the color combo, this formula was a lot more workable than the “flower power” glitter I posted about. The brush picked up the glitters a lot better this go round, however I don’t like how the formula develops bubbles when you apply more than one coat :/

Anyhoo, enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

DSC_0022 DSC_0025DSC_0027DSC_0024


Keylime Shine-Nanigans

Good morning everyone, how have you all been? I haven’t made a blog post in two days and it feels like forever! I hope I didn’t lose anyone, are ya still with me lol!

Today on my nails I’m wearing another polish from Bettina’s Spring collection called “Keylime”, it’s a little darker than lime green in my opinion. This is two coats without a top coat. Bettina’s polish is good for shining all on its own!

Speaking of shining, on my ring and pinky finger, I’m wearing a polish from China Glaze’s Surprise collection, this one is called “Shine-Nanigans”. This is a fun glitter polish that has lime green, purple and burgundy circle & octagon shaped glitter.

I’m loving the fact that I’ve been using my OPI glitter off on all my glitter designs.





Mystic Glimmer More

Good morning everyone! I’m so not with it today, I really want to go back to bed and start over. I started feeling the itchy throat yesterday. I’ve been around the kids all weekend and they have this lingering cough for at least 2 weeks now…whomever says you can only get sick within the first 48 hours is a big fat liar!!

Anyhow, today I have two new polishes on my nails today. The first one is from Bettina Cosmetics “Spring” colors collection, this is called “Mystic”, this is a teal colored polish which you can find opaque in two coats; that’s the usual Bettina quality.

The glitter layover is a glitter from China Glaze’s newly released collection called Surprise! It’s a 6 glitter formula collection of fun fun glitter. I picked the whole collection up from Sally’s Beauty Supply for $5.99 but wait…. There’s a BUY 2 GET 1 promo going on all month so don’t pass that deal up. I also got an email from Sally’s that the next 3 days only is BOGO for nail polish; so you’ll win either way!!








Pop Star On Lime Green Grass

Good morning ladies, today’s nails consists of two polishes; one from China Glaze and the other by Hard Candy.

The base polish I’m wearing is from the CG “City Flourish” collection called “Grass Is Lime Greener”. I had a slight problem with this application because of its streaky spread on the first coat. The second coat wasn’t so bad, but you should let it dry completely in order for it to be opaque. I’ve applied 3 coats.

For my glitter layover I’m using a Hardy Candy polish called “Pop Star” which has light blue/dark blue and black circle glitters. It’s very easy to apply because the brush picks up the glitter in packs lol.






Shall we dance? China Glaze Sea Goddess

Hi ladies,

Woo-sah……This is the second time I’m posting this so I’m a bit frustrated….

On my nails today is a polish by China Glaze that I picked up from Sally’s this weekend. It is from the recently released Sea Goddess collection. This is a all pink glitter textured polish. It’s more sparkly than the rest of the textured polishes they have released so far.

Below you’ll see pics of two coats w/o a top coat.