Juvia’s Place Nubian palette face of the day

If you were like me– mad hyped to get this palette when it was sold out you would know the victorious feeling when it showed up in the mail. I love this palette so much that I bought one for my mom as well. This palette is a combination of colors that are my go-to colors everyday. I love to wear bronze and gold eyeshadows, I feel it looks amazing on my complexion.

These colors are so pigmented just one layer you’d be good if you stopped there. Me, I like a nice opaque eyeshadow look so I went with two layers.

Color I used  
For my highlight I used one that I’ve had for a minute from Milani and I don’t find it to be a very pigmented highlighter that I’m use to. I normally reach for the Dupe That X Ofra highlight “you dew you”. For work it does the job!



The lipstick I’m wearing is by Milani called “Bronze Beauty”. 


Juvia’s place came out with the Nubia II palette about two weeks ago and I need to get my hands on it as well. Colors are just as pretty. You can purchase I & II here Juvia’s Place 


What makeup look are you rocking today?
Thanks for reading



Milani Amore Matte Lip Cream

Hey beauties!! I know you haven’t seen much of me last week on the blog, but I’m about to tell you where you CAN see me!

I’ve just uploaded a new video in my YouTube channel of the new Milani Amore Matte Lip Cream lipsticks. There’s 8 shades but I only purchased 6 of them, please go check out and like my video I’d really appreciate it :).

View it here https://youtu.be/DLJzDPUzfVs 

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*NEW* Milani Matte Lipsticks 

Hey now beauties…. 

So have any of you ladies seen this new collection in your local drugstore? I spotted this collection in my Walgreens after seeing a video by Totalmakeupjunkie101. So yeah, these are highly pigmented & gives you a creamy-matte-matte finish. I own some of these lipsticks by their previous collection and they are pretty long lasting. There are eight in this collection but I only picked up 4! 

So go ahead and take a look at the ones I purchased :).

Also don’t forget to click on this link to check out my latest lipsticks watch video on my YouTube channel 🙂 https://youtu.be/efR2s6WG1Ow.

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Milani Matte Confident 

Hey beauties TGIF!! 

Today I want to show you a Lippie from my stash, this one is from Milani’s matte collection.

Here is Matte Confident, I was a little disappointed in the color because I was hoping it would be a darker red. I know for sure that I have this color in my stash already. 

I hope you all have a fun and safe weekend.

Purple Madness

Happy Hump Day y’all, how is your week going? Surprisingly enough, my week is coming along quickly to FRIDAY and guess who’s not complaining (points to self)!!

If you must know YES I’m still on a serious mission to find the perfect lippie, I did find it in a Jeffree Star Lippie called I’m Royal but it’s been well sought after and is to no avail to me (sad face).

So I wanted to show you all the current purple lippies running things in my stash. I don’t know what I’m gonna tell them when I finally grab my Grail purple lippie.

Here’s a group pic of these bad girls…

This is Milani “Matte Glam”

This is NYX “Immortal”

This is J Cat Beauty Pout-holic “#Love”

This is NYX Butter Gloss “Raspberry Tart”

This is LA Splash Smitten Liptint “Bellatrix”.

Lastly, this is Ruby Kisses Lip Lacquer “Blue Ignite”

Now that you’ve witnessed my purple madness, which shade do you favor?

How I fixed my broken eyeshadow

Good morning and happy Friday :))

So for those of you who might have broken their eyeshadow in pieces, you probably just threw it away like I do. I should say like I used to… that is until I googled how to fix broken eyeshadow. It is a very simple process and cool I’ll add AND with the use of simple household items. During my traveling I realized that I had broken one of my favorite eyeshadows by Milani. I also received as a gift an eyeshadow by Jordana which arrived broken.

So the simple process is you take your broken up eyeshadow, pour a little bit of rubbing alcohol in it (the higher the percentage the better the chance it is to harden faster). Stir in the alcohol with a orange stick or similar to a creamy substance of the eyeshadow. Then you tap the eyeshadow container onto a hard surface a couple of times just to level it out, leave it out overnight so it can harden back to its original form.

I chose to put mine in the refrigerator overnight. The next day when it has hardened, you need to press it out slightly with a coin or a piece of paper so that your hands don’t get all messy; you should be able to use it after that.

Some say that this process changes the appearance of the eyeshadow, but I’ve used it and nothing changed.




Bella Me

Hi everyone, wow I haven’t posted all week and with good reason (well not really good but I’ll tell you). I have been dealing with a stomach bug since Friday. It has been passed through my house occupants except for Mr. Nailmattic lol.

I am back to feeling 100% better though. I wanted to put on a face today using these two makeup products I bought last week. My lipstick is by Wet n Wild and it’s called Urban Night, I got from CVS for 1.87. I love the dark appearance to it however, it’s not as dark as I would like it so I used it in conjunction with a black lipstick. My eyeshadow is by Milani and it’s called Bella Fuchsia, Have any of you tried either of these?