Kiss Nail Polish from Dollar Tree

“I already have that color I don’t need it”-said no woman ever (especially not me) lol. When these polishes first released, I spotted them in Kmart. They were priced for more than $2 and I just wasn’t wow’d enough to swipe. 

It was at Dollar Tree when I lost my memory lol. I saw these for a dollar and it made me holla!!

There isn’t anything unique about the colors but the formula is amazing, these can easily be one coaters.
Check out the colors I bought.

Aforementioned about the formula, it is excellent and dries to a glossy finish, I didn’t swatch these with a top coat. These could easily be one coaters. I did have a slight application problem with Fantasia & Sweet Angel being a little on the thick side, but waiting in between layers always helps–along with polish thinner.

Now I’m not one to tell you what to do buuuuuut go get you a few lol!

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My Little Watermarble 

Watermarble is my favorite sport!! 

For this mani I used 3 polishes from the latest collaboration release from China Glaze. This collection features 12 polishes all dedicated to my childhood oops I meant My Little Pony. Yes I’m proud to say my childhood, I had all the My Little Pony toys my mom allowed herself to be coerced into buying lol. Sorry mom, I didn’t keep my promise of never wanting any other toy after that lol.

The colors I used below: L to R: Too Busy Being Awesome, Cute Mark The Spot, Sweet As Pinkie Pie.

These wm so beautifully I had absolutely no problems 

If you haven’t purchased any of these polishes, you’re missing out a good mani and some good memories.

There’s also 2 LE sets that you can purchase on eBay, Sally’s and Ulta Beauty.

Have you purchased any polish from this collection? Which one(s)?

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You Mother Pucker Color Club

*Taps mic*…

So let’s get right into the meat and potatoes of this post. These 4 polishes are from the newly released collection by Color Club called Matte Rouge. I had such high hopes for this collection, but I was shortly disappointed about the performance of the formula as I applied these. To give it to you straight, the formula is very difficult to work with, it is very thick and applies in blobs. Even when I tried to apply a thin layer it still was thick as it was laying on my nails.

When I did the first layer it dries to like a textured appearance which gives it a wet dry sand look, by the looks of that you know that you’re going to need a second and third layer. This picture is of my nails with two layers. 

The only color that I didn’t have that much difficulty with is the orange one. It wasn’t AS thick, this one is called Perfect Pout– pretty right!!

This next one is the reason why I wanted these polishes, I loved how deep & grape purple the color is, but it is the thickest of the bunch–very difficult to apply. You can even see it on my nails that the layers are thick. This is Plum-P & Juicy

This pink was okay to apply, still thick but it was more manageable. This is Spin The Bottle (I wanted to do  more than spin this bottle lol).

Lastly this pink (which looks almost red in my pics) was a mother effer to apply! Just like the purple it is super thick and no matter how I tried to apply just a thin coat it still came out thick & blobby. This is Mother Pucker (how ironic lol)! 

It’s very unfortunate because I’m a huge fan of matte polishes (as I am of matte lipsticks as well). They retail for $8 of the Color Club website. However, this is just my experience with them, maybe I just got a bad batch; who knows. All I know is I’m over that whole swatch session lol.

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Lo’real Secret Garden of Sweet Nectar

Hey everyone what’s up? My week is just so blah I’m feeling a little under the weather but I have been taking some medicine with Echinacea in it so today I’m feeling much much better.

I have on my nails two new polishes from the Lo’real “Blooming In Color” collection, I spotted these in my Walgreens on Monday this collection only consist of one glitter flower formula and the rest are 6 creams & beautiful spring colors.

The formula is workable, found that the first coat is a little streaky but it redeems itself with the second and third coat.

The coral colored one is called “Sweet Nectar” & the flower glitter polish is called “Garden Bouquet”. The brush pick up on the glitter polish works very well I picked up a lot on the first try.




Fingerpaints Endless Wear Polishes

Hey everyone, happy Friday eve lol.

Today I will share will you swatches of the new Fingerpaints Endless Wear polishes. These new polish formula should mimic a gel like finish, it’s suppose to shine and last longer than their regular polish.

I have applied both colors in two coats without a top coat. The formula is semi-thick but it applies smoothly and doesn’t lay with streaks. I love how the finish is shiny giving off a top coat appearance.

Sally’s beauty supply is having a buy one get one free promotion this month for these polishes so get them at a discount while you can!!

The pink polish is San Franfresco and the real polish is Be Still My Beatnik He-Art





Dupes my bad OPI vs Sinful Colors

Hey y’all, it’s Monday (I know right, already)! So I’ve been meaning to post this. I just got the SC polish Flower Power and I knew it reminded me of another pink lacquer-glitter formula.

Sinful Colors “Flower Power” & OPI “The Power of Pink” (from the Breast Cancer Awareness duo of 2014) is the same formula…. This is 3 coats of both, no top coat. I actually find that the SC one applies thicker than OPI.

What do you think, dupe or nope?