I think ikat

Hey everyone it’s Monday (everyone groans lol), but don’t be too down about it, you only have 3 more hurdle days to reach Friday :).

So boredom got the best of me last night and I decided to try a nail art that was on my list, the ikat design…. I’ve seen it done in so many pretty color combos and wanted to see if it is as easy as it looks in the Youtube and it is… The pink polish i’m wearing is from NYC (Walmart) and it’s called Lafayette Pink. The navy blue polish is from Milani Color Statement “Ink Spot” and believe it or not it’s ONE COAT.

Also, when I’m in the mood (which I am now) for longer nails I put on oval shaped nails by Kiss.











Dupes…my bad- navy blue textured polishes

Hi ladies, how are you today on this Monday Eve lol I have to work tomorrow too so don’t think I’m rubbing it in lol. I have here to show you a quick comparison post of my Navy blue textured polishes.

Do you think their dupes or unique in their own right?