Kiss Nail Polish from Dollar Tree

“I already have that color I don’t need it”-said no woman ever (especially not me) lol. When these polishes first released, I spotted them in Kmart. They were priced for more than $2 and I just wasn’t wow’d enough to swipe. 

It was at Dollar Tree when I lost my memory lol. I saw these for a dollar and it made me holla!!

There isn’t anything unique about the colors but the formula is amazing, these can easily be one coaters.
Check out the colors I bought.

Aforementioned about the formula, it is excellent and dries to a glossy finish, I didn’t swatch these with a top coat. These could easily be one coaters. I did have a slight application problem with Fantasia & Sweet Angel being a little on the thick side, but waiting in between layers always helps–along with polish thinner.

Now I’m not one to tell you what to do buuuuuut go get you a few lol!

Thanks for reading 

My Little Watermarble 

Watermarble is my favorite sport!! 

For this mani I used 3 polishes from the latest collaboration release from China Glaze. This collection features 12 polishes all dedicated to my childhood oops I meant My Little Pony. Yes I’m proud to say my childhood, I had all the My Little Pony toys my mom allowed herself to be coerced into buying lol. Sorry mom, I didn’t keep my promise of never wanting any other toy after that lol.

The colors I used below: L to R: Too Busy Being Awesome, Cute Mark The Spot, Sweet As Pinkie Pie.

These wm so beautifully I had absolutely no problems 

If you haven’t purchased any of these polishes, you’re missing out a good mani and some good memories.

There’s also 2 LE sets that you can purchase on eBay, Sally’s and Ulta Beauty.

Have you purchased any polish from this collection? Which one(s)?

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Fresh As A Daisy- Sally Girl

Hey everyone and happy Friday!!

This will be a short post, I wanted to show you a swatch of a polish from Sally Beauty. The product is called Sally Girl and they’re sold for .99, if you only knew how many times I’ve overlooked their polishes. This one is 3 coats w/I a top coat and it’s called “Fresh As A Daisy”! The formula is average, the first layer is thin, however the brush picks up the glitter in abundance–no complaints there! These are .99 so you can’t ask for or expect to much of a big deal.

Enjoy your weekend and be safe!!



Metro Pollen Tin Sugar Rush

Hi all, we are almost to the work week finish line.

On my nails today is another China Glaze “City Flourish” collection polish, this yellow/mustard colored polish is called “Metro Pollen-Tin”. The formula was streaky with the first AND second coat :/. The third coat did an okay job covering all roads leading to opaque.

The overlay of glitter is from Milani called “Sugar Rim”. This polish reminded me of the floam glitter polish. I compare it to Salon Perfect’s top coat glitters.






Of Coarse My Nails Are Did


The only thing about today that’s blue are my nails……happy Friday indeed.

So yeah, I’ve been on a textured polish tip for 2 days….. this time I’m wearing a model from China Glaze’s long ago released textured collection called “Of Coarse!”. My glitter accent nails are wearing the second polish that I picked up from Kohls by Sugar Cosmetics, it’s called “Sugar Crystals”. I put on 3 layers of this glitter polish.

It has silver octagon-shaped glitter, black tinsel glitter with fine blue and black glitters.

Enjoy, enjoy and over enjoy your weekend everyone…





Sparkle on girl*

Hi all!!

I’m pressed for time, kinda busy day ahead of me…
So today’s mani is brought to you by L’oreal, Rimmel & NYC. For my base color I used Rimmel’s 60 second polish called “Cupcake Pink”, it’s a sheer pink that’s very soft; not my normal purchase I know I’m a cream girl. This is 2 coats of it at first. On to the glitz of things, I topped off the cupcake with some glitter; who doesn’t like sprinkles on their cupcake :).

For the pink glitter I used NYC’s “Pink Bling” which features pink and silver fine glitter. Secondly I used L’oreal’s magic top coat called “the sparklicious”. It has black octagon & silver shaped glitters w/ silver tinsel glitters.

My talons bid you a sparkly day****




Jessica ConFUSION

I got this at my nail supply store for $2 because it came in as a sample, she asked me to let her know how it is (& I shall). I have been a fan of Jessica polishes, maybe this one just wasn’t for me.

This is called Express by the way, too bad it’s drying time wasn’t! To the touch it’s sticky & still after 20 minutes left my fingerprint imprint when I touched it.