Way Back Wednesday #3- Sally Hansen 

*Three fingers up*

Hey y’all, 3 down with many more to go. I’m bring back from the memory back these textured finish polishes by Sally Hansen. I was so excited to have these, again back when textured finish was all the rage (not saying it’s not still cause I’ll still rock them). I promise you that textured finish polishes are not all that I’ll be posting!!

Do tell, did you buy these? If so, how’d they do your nails lol!

Stay tuned for WBW #4 and thanks for reading!!


Sally Hansen X Crayola Collab swatches 

So I’m finally making some time to swatch the newly released @sally_hansen X @crayola collab, I’m not too late!!  These are available for purchase at Walgreens & Kmart (where I got mine). They retail for $4.99. 

There’s nothing unique about the colors but the formula is a 2-coater; one coater if you put a lot on the brush.

There are 12 shades in this collection, I purchased only 4 (somebody better be proud of me)!!

Give nostalgia a round of applause!! 

Jellous of my jelly

Good morning, how do?

How am I doing? I’m doing the necessary to make it to Friday :), we are one step closer!! Today on my nails I’m wearing a polish from Sally Hansen’s Triple Shine Palm Beach Jellies collection. You can find these at CVS, Walgreens and I’ve seen them at Walmart for $4.57.

If you’re into jelly polishes then these will win you over. I’ve been a creme girl for so long I decided to branch out. I’ve got on “Jell-ous?”, it’s very very thin. You will see below I’ve applied 3 coats and look how sheer it is!

The glitter I’m using is by China Glaze from their 2014 Surprise collection, this one is called “I’m a Go Glitter”. I found this to be the perfect match for it with the jelly being a similar color to the burgundy glitter.






Pink Friday on Sunday

So lately I’ve been getting Sally Hansen stickers for the low, then when I’m ready to get jiggy wit it it’s like they’ve expired!! For the low I mean at least $4 less. I got this polka dot style from tjmaxx along with 2 others. I used a lil help from Nicki Minaj and her OPI Pink Friday collabo for my middle finger. I love OPI lacquer, they don’t disappoint.

……and the lust continues…..