Way Back Wednesday #5- Revlon

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So back in 2013, Revlon (a brand I don’t normally purchase polishes from) released a set of scented polishes. When I think of scented polishes I remember growing up playing with toy nail polish sets, which smelled like candy.

Well Revlon came out with their adult version lol and it was a hit!! I found myself running behind all the blog posts relating that it’s been spotted. There I was going to and fro all the drugstores for my next hit of lacquer lol.

Remember these?

I recently saw these in a Kmart clearance bin, I didn’t swipe because I remember that a few of these tend to have an overwhelming scent. Loved the formula though!!

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Victoria’s Secret annual sale haul

Y’all I haven’t bought much from the VS Pink clothing wise in a long time. I came across a few old tops I’ve had for years in a winter clothes storage bin so this annual sale came right on time. Pink happens to be my favorite color so I don’t mind walking around with it splattered on my shirt!! 

Check out the shirts they got me for….  I actually only went in for one shirt that has the leopard pattern inside the PINK lettering. I got and a few more, hey it was my birthday!!

$7 phone case

Truth be told, these shirts run big, I normally wear L or XL in women’s tops but I can wear a medium or large in PINK shirts.

Did you catch this sale? If so, what did you get?

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Bewell Wood Ecowatch

Beauties what’s good in the beautyhood lol.

If you follow me on Twitter (which you should be @nailnattic) you would have seen a post I made a week or so ago about wanting a wood watch. One of my girlfriends had one last year when we went to The Makeup Show and I fell in love with it. She got hers via a company sending it to her in exchange for doing a review post. I went on eBay scouring for one that I was really going to love. This is by the brand Bewell, I hadn’t heard of the company before but I had a eBay certificate for $50 so I decided to use it on it. 

Luckily, I found a seller who lives in the same state as me so I figured, shipping wouldn’t take that long being that it was free. You know sometimes when they offer free shipping the shipping takes forever and 2 infinities lol. This was $40 free shipping. 

Overall I like the watch, the only problem that I have with it is that when I was taking out a link, the link stem went into the wood and cracked it (pic below). Considering that the wood is very lightweight I figured that is the cause of the wood cracking. It’s not something you will notice but I notice it lol.

Will I purchase another wood style watch, yes I WOOD lol! I’m already in pursuit for another one I just love the way they look & feel.



Added to my collection…..

 Marc Jacobs, Saks Fifth Ave, Michael Kors & Bewell.


OOTD & Date Night

What’s up y’all, Guess who’s up early with post on a SUNDAY!! Yeah, me! So yesterday the mister and I got off to a late in the day start getting out of the house but we made it worth the wait. We purposely did some shopping on a empty stomach so that we could really enjoy our dinner lol. We ended up at Red Lobster, which we hadn’t gone there in a long time. 

Here’s what I wore, clothes details will be below   


Seafood Shrimp Trio


Chambray Denim Shirt: Forever 21+

Knee slit jeans: Forever 21+

Leopard print flats: JCPenney

Leather chain Clutch: Tory Burch

Leopard scarf: Old Navy

Watch: Marc Jacobs (rose gold)

Earrings: Charlotte Russe

Lipstick: NYX Liquid Suede “Sandstorm”
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Top 10 Summer lipsticks 

Hi beauties!! 

I live in Florida so Summer is pretty much all year round lol. On my YouTube channel is a video of my top 10 lipstick color choices for the summer. 

When you get a chance go take a look to see what I colors I chose here by clicking this link https://youtu.be/3iLy-9z4pB4.

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Cream & White Matte Nails

Do you like white or cream nail polish? Ok what about the same color polish, but with a matted finish? If so, these two may be your type. On the left is the LE Wet n’ Wild “LAC-My Mani” Matte finish polish in stores now and on the right is a white matte finish polish by Bettina Cosmetics.

The next red matte polish is from the same LE Wet N Wild collection it’s called “Rouge 66”. I don’t think the finish is matte enough for me, I applied a matte top coat by OPI.

Which one do you prefer?