Way Back Wednesday #5- Revlon

*High five for ya girl keeping up with the WBW posts!!!

So back in 2013, Revlon (a brand I don’t normally purchase polishes from) released a set of scented polishes. When I think of scented polishes I remember growing up playing with toy nail polish sets, which smelled like candy.

Well Revlon came out with their adult version lol and it was a hit!! I found myself running behind all the blog posts relating that it’s been spotted. There I was going to and fro all the drugstores for my next hit of lacquer lol.

Remember these?

I recently saw these in a Kmart clearance bin, I didn’t swipe because I remember that a few of these tend to have an overwhelming scent. Loved the formula though!!

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Sally Hansen X Crayola Collab swatches 

So I’m finally making some time to swatch the newly released @sally_hansen X @crayola collab, I’m not too late!!  These are available for purchase at Walgreens & Kmart (where I got mine). They retail for $4.99. 

There’s nothing unique about the colors but the formula is a 2-coater; one coater if you put a lot on the brush.

There are 12 shades in this collection, I purchased only 4 (somebody better be proud of me)!!

Give nostalgia a round of applause!! 

OPI- Brazil Collection Polishes

Good morning all….

Today I have to share with you some swatches of the newly released collection by OPI named the “Brazil” collection. I don’t think this collection warranted ALL of my money, so I chose the ones that fits me the best (of course the creme brights). I have just 3 of the bright colors and in just a few ticks I will show you what they’re made of.

This first one is called “Where did Suzi’s Man-Go”. This is a creamy orangey-mango color, I couldn’t stop thinking about a mango smoothie as I applied this polish. The quality is the usual rich formula that OPI is known for. I’ve applied two coats, no top coat.

Second one is: Kiss Me I’m BrazilianThis next one is a hot pink formula which I’ve applied two coats of without a top coat.

Third one is: I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana- <— coolest name of the bunch. This is a bright canary yellow polish. I had to have this color, I think yellow looks nice on me.

Bon…. Bonfire

Hi ladies, I hope your week has started off in a prosperous manner. I’d like to show you my current mani that I’ve been wearing for the past two days.

Meet Bettina’s polish “Bonfire”, it is from the Resort collection released a while ago. It is another orangey-red color that glosses without a top coat. I’ve only applied two coats which satisfied my opaque needs.





Petit by Cherimoya

This has to be the first in a long time that I’ve ever swatched a polish haul within hours of purchase. Browsing my safe haven Ross I came across this polish set which the brand is unknown to me. While I’ve purchased some polishes by Cherimoya, I have none by the name of Petit.

On the box it states that this a limited edition set. I like the box presentation, it is cute with the polish set-colored macaroons on it.
Here are the polish names as I have collaged them in a frame.

L to R: Blueberry, Earl Grey, Milk, Coconut, Rose and Cassis.

The first 5 are creme formula which are very user friendly, they don’t streak with the first coat which means a lot to me. I’ve applied 3 coats of each & didn’t apply a top coat. The last one is a jelly formula and its quality is also consistent and not streaky. I thought the blue would stain my nails but it didn’t at all.

As I have, you can find these in your local Ross for $4.99.









Emberstone by Orly

Hi my lacquer loves, today I have a mani that I did last week sometime and was too busy to post. At least I can tell you that I’ve gotten my research paper done a week early.. can I get a woop woop. This polish job I put to use Orly’s polish called Emberstone, its color gives my eyes red-orangey shimmery scene. I must tell you that this formula is a one man band, it needs no layering to show its quality.

Having said that the polish shines on its own, I still went ahead and made an accent nail out of the deal by using Spoiled’s Shuffle the Deck glitter. It’s formula consists of red, silver and black circular shaped chunky glitter.

photo_4 (1)

photo_1 (1)

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