Rated E For Everyone 


Hi my beauté, how are you beautiful people doing now that the week is in route to Friday? You know why they call it Friday right, because by then our brains have been fried lol– it’s funny cause it’s true!!

I want to speak on a conversation I had with my niece this past weekend. I’m going to make this about the both us for the moment….. She will be 14 within a week or so & has decided to embark on starting a YouTube channel.  What prompted me to write this post is due to her being honest with me about her reluctance to start the channel. When I started my blog I knew there were a bagillion other beauty bloggers & I didn’t mind that at all. I can attest that it’s much easier to start a blog of course, but recording a video for the world to see has its common fears. There’s fears of being in front of the camera, looking and sounding different or just the fact that the www would see it & comment on it; there’s many pros & cons. However, her concern is understandable but no way should it be show stopper! 

Her concern is that she felt she isn’t popular enough to be on that platform (YouTube). She feels as though girls in her school who have a YT channel already have such a huge following, where would her place be & how could she compete with that. Now, I was not the one (and still am not) who fancied large crowds or a huge circle of friends. I also did not glorify any being who was labeled “popular”. I had to let her know that those type of feelings breed low self esteem which causes stagnant self growth. As a blogger I see many other humble bloggers whom I hugely support & ones who could use some humbling, but their actions take nothing away from who I am as a person & who I am as a blogger–every day is a growing process. 

If you’re a blogger such a myself, you can attest to knowing the days when you ask yourself questions such as “is this is all worth it”, “why don’t I get some of the opportunities some other bloggers get”, “is your friends’ support genuine”, “what if no one is really feeling my content”, “when is it time to give up” & etc. I feel that it’s imperative that you know your worth and know who can afford it. As I talked to her I let her know that those popular bloggers started from the button now they’re there (Drake voice) lol. I do extremely dislike how it is now where almost everything blog or YouTube channel related, people tend to put so much emphasis on numbers (i.e followers, subs, views). I pride myself on uploading quality content first, promoting myself & basically the word will get out about me! 

Lastly, I told her “you don’t see BMW worrying about what Mercedes-Benz is doing, both companies are focusing on the product they’re putting out and whichever company scores a customer then the buck stops there!! They know they’re each other’s competitor but they’re both trying to get that money–simple!

I want her (& all of you) to know, admiring a blogger or YouTube personality is ok but never allow it morph into competition. To me, all social media platforms are only as useful as the content you post. I believe that once you define your objective, that’s where the fun begins. You’ll see that it’s not just for the “popular” people…. It’s RATED E for EVERYONE!!

Am I right or am I right………

Thank you all for reading 🙂



Fall Femme Couture

Hi beauties, happy humping to you all today lol. 

Today’s look is being presented to you by a matte lippie from Femme Couture, sold at Sally’s Beauty Supply and Colourpop (yes again). I wanted to start getting into some fall beauty looks so I decided to use an eyeshadow I recently purchased from Colourpop. This is a dark purplish-burgundy matte eyeshadow called “Central Perk“. It retails for $5. I love Colourpop eyeshadows I’m here for each and every one of its creamy feeling.  


This lippie I got when they had a B2G1F deal. This is a nude matte lippie called Classic Caramel, even though you can’t tell but I am also wearing a NK brown lip liner.

I don’t normally follow beauty rules of wearing seasonal colors, but if you’re going to do it; do it your way right!!

What are your favorite fall colors?
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Bonita’s Booty Shaker

Hi beauties…. Looking at my nails the other day I was disgusted with its condition. It’s crazy how they can go from long, strong & pretty to chopped & screwed lol. So what do I when I’m feeling down about my nails, I put on Kiss press on nails (old school Lee press on nails)!! I normally get the oval shaped nails but these are good too. 

The white polish is by Bettina called “Freedom” & the hot pink polish is by Bonita called “Booty Shaker”.    

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Maybelline Color Blur 

Good morning beauties!! Did I tell y’all that yesterday started my month long journey of a………… NO BUY!! That’s right, drop your jaws but don’t catch flies I said it… A NO BUY!! I had to catch myself & my wallet from getting out of control.   

But on to today’s post which features a new product by Maybelline New YorkThis is a release of their creamy matte lip pencils. There are 10 shades, but ya girl showed restraint by only buying 4 of them. I’d like you all to check out my live swatch video (https://youtu.be/H7LON5DqyNQ). 

But before you do that, check out what they look like in still pics…..

I picked them up from Walmart. 


Cherry Cherry Bang Bang   
Partner in Crimson  

Berry Misbehaved   

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